Trekking – Women’s Sleeping bag – LD BAIKAL 750 (Velvet Red)

RM 593.40

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Trekking – Women’s Sleeping bag – LD BAIKAL 750 (Velvet Red)

RM 593.40

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Ladies, this is THE bag for occasional nights out in the open. A bag’s performance also depends on its size: you mustn’t choose one that’s too long. The closer it is to the body, the better it functio ns. The LD BAIKAL 750, designed specifically for women, also has thermally enhanced by microfleece in the head and toe box, for greater warmth. We advise you to pick this basic roamer’s bag for urban as well as outdoor use. A two-season model with synthetic fill, it manages wet conditions really well. Easy care, it can be machine-washed and stored compressed. A must for everyday life, developed using all MILLET’s technical expertise. “Under canvas, you have to deal with condensation,” explains Antoine, product manager. “Moisture can come from the body, or outside. When it snows or rains, by a bucolic stream or the ocean, external humidity rises. And there’s ground moisture, too. Synthetic-fill bags respond well to all these types of moisture.”

Tech Specs


⦁ Hiking
⦁ Trekking


⦁ Comfortable mummy shape, female ergonomics
⦁ Synthetic fill and polyamide shell protect from cold and wet
⦁ Double side zip and inside anti-cold flap / Inside pocket
⦁ Hood with drawcord
⦁ Left or right hand zip, combinable
⦁ Total length: 205 cm
⦁ Shoulder width: 70 cm
⦁ Foot width: 40 cm
⦁ Comfort temperature: from 10°C to 6°C
⦁ Side zip: left (G) or right (D) hand zip, combinable
⦁ Dimensions after packing: 20×15 cm
⦁ Volume after packing: 3,5L


⦁ Fill : SuperMix Fiber
⦁ 3D mix of hollow silicone-coated fibers
⦁ Top: 1x100g/m². Bottom: 1x100g/m²
⦁ Outside shell: Polyamide 40D/255T ripstop
⦁ Inside lining: 50D/300T Polyester


⦁ 0,790 kg


Millet products are not just designed to last, they are also easy to maintain. Careful use and regular upkeep will guarantee the best results out of your products and will extend their life. In case of doubt, always refer to the instructions written on the label of your product.


Air out your Millet sleeping bag regularly to give it back a bit of freshness and to make sure the bag is completely dry before storing it away.
For sleeping bags that do not contain down, general washing and drying instructions apply.
For sleeping bags that do contain down, please see the section “Products Containing Down,” below.


When dealing with products containing down (100% or hybrid), machine washing is done using a delicate program with a special down detergent or a non-aggressive detergent, along with tennis balls placed in the wash to prevent the down from sticking together. If there is too much detergent left over, run the rinsing program again by itself. Do not put the product through the washing machine’s spin cycle.
Drying may be done flat in the open air, turning over the product regularly to dry it well, or in a tumble dryer on a delicate program.


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